m a r t i e n s g o h o m e

new radio show archive: "Spanklas" (april 2014) on Archive.org


martiensgohome is a sound collective operating on the radio every thursday 9:30pm on radio campus 92.1 FM, in brussels each programme consist of one hour-long improvisation using field-recording and broken everyday electronics to compose some kind of anti-ambient soundscape. martiensgohome is also performing live whenever possible, preferably in special settings, composing site-specific interventions or playing unconventional venues


a few tracks are available on SOUNDCLOUD
a few others on BANDCAMP
an archive of the radio program is maintained at ARCHIVE.org



digital media

En Pire (2014) Discrepant

PL P (2013) Modisti

En nage (2013) Discrepant

Sollevo un labbro, mostrando i denti (2013) Idiosyncratics

En Atlanta (2012) Discrepant

Enclave (2012) Discrepant

Tetraedre (2012) Echomusic

En Fer (2012) Discrepant

physical media:

martiensgohome and Pauwel De Buck:Brick Not Hit Back. (2012) limited edition CD-R, mnoad

MGH plays ULVER (2010) 10inch vinyl, kalinka-vichy

martiensgohome & Aymeric De Tapol play lost foxes (limited edition CD-R): FF HHH

abscons depuis 1996 (2009) usb-key: kalinka-vichy

limite-grens (2004) cdr: kalinka-vichy

une occasion de chute (2001) cd: hushush

prypyat (2000) cdr: kalinka vichy (now deleted)

buttermarmortoerchen(1998)) cdr: kalinka vichy now deleted

also featured on:
this place is dreaming, cd (K-raa-k)3 & argos
geologists and professional tourists, cd N&B research
electric flat land, cd sub rosa

contact: martiensgohome at gmail.com